Coyoty (coyoty) wrote,

Freak Week

Emergency... Emergency... There's an emergency going on... It's still going on...

This seems to be the freakiest week of my life. Weird coincidences and dodgy drivers and other fan-blown waste keep coming at me. I really hope it's not leading up to a Freaky Friday February 1st, but it looks like it the way my luck is going.

Constantly this week I keep having to avoid drivers who don't know what they're doing or where they're going. I haven't seen such a concentration of not concentrating. They wait until the last possible moment to take a ramp before remembering they have to take it, or they push me aside when they realize they'd rather be in my lane and location, or they slow down and block traffic, with me first in line, until they know what lane they want to be in. I'm beginning to think I've gained the power to project confusion.

Two projects at work that have given me the most trouble have the same name. One was the installation of A.D.A.M. anatomy software that always needed one more undocumented thing to be done just the right way. The other was the setting up of email for a guy named Adam, whose account wasn't cooperating.

Three times in one day, Tuesday, I had law enforcement events. One, I reported one of the above drivers who seemed drunk and confused. Two, I reported a woman who got inside my building and was panhandling. Three, I learned that someone I thought I knew had been arrested for something terrible.

Today, I had to find a missing PC from an auditor's list. Considering the week so far, I should have figured "Where would Coyote put it?" and go right to it. I should have figured it would be in the only place left to look after looking everywhere else, and not supposed to have been on the list at all.

The week isn't over yet. Joy.

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