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Coyoty eats a Big UFO

No, I'm not hallucinating from my THC-fortified breakfast.  This is a instant noodle meal  from Nissin, purchased at A Dong Supermarket in West Hartford, CT.

Ingredients include wheat flour, vegetable fat corn salt (sic), soy sauce, vegetable protein, sugar, fruit paste, red ginger, citric acid, yeast extract, caramel color, amino acid, spice, soy lecithin, and calcium bicarcium.

In this case, UFO can stand for Unidentified Food Object.  I assumed from the packaging that it was a noodle bowl, but not what kind or flavor because almost everything else is in Japanese, including the instructions.  It looked like it would work the same way as Cup Noodles, so I steeped it in hot water for three minutes and found after I pulled the cover off that there were two flavor packets inside that probably should have been emptied into the noodles before steeping.  One was apparently powdered seaweed, and the other was a teriaki-like sweet soy sauce.  There were some unidentifiable vegetables mixed with the noodles, that seemed to be onions, peppers, and cabbage.

Big is right, because I couldn't finish it.  It took about two coffee mugs of hot water to fill the bowl and less than that to fill me.  The taste was okay, but not astronomical.
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