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Coyoty eats Denny's Spicy Cowboy Chopped Steak.

At Denny's in Vernon, CT. My first time at a Denny's. Probably my last. Food and service were spotty.

Spicy Cowboy Chopped Steak
"Our juicy hand-pressed chopped steak covered with fire-roasted peppers and onions, melted pepper jack cheese and topped with Onion Tanglers and BBQ sauce." With fries. It was okay.

Coffee. It could have been better.

Clam chowder
Clam chowder. It could have been better. It could have had clams. I don't remember any.

Blueberry cheesecake shake
Blueberry cheesecake shake. It could have been better. I'm not sure whether it was the blueberry bits or cake bits that had the consistency of coconut bits.

I didn't finish, and had leftovers. I left them over there.
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