Coyoty (coyoty) wrote,

Fursuitless Bowling

Saturday snowhusky01 and I went bowling with the_nighteyes and his mate at an alley in Springfield, MA. We didn't wear suits, but Snow Husky and I did wear our tails. It was Disco Bowling, and under the UV lights, my natural coyote tail turned as blue as Snow Husky's blue fabric tail.

< Coyote blue?

< Me bowling.

< Snow Husky bowling.

Before heading to Springfield, I brought Snow Husky to the Asian market in West Hartford, CT, the unfortunately named A Dong Supermarket.  I've already mentioned finding "Cock" mackerel and "Wang" products there, but this time we found another unfortunately named product:

Disco Bowling started at 10 p.m., so we had time to eat nearby at the Fifties Diner.  I had a bacon ranch angus burger, and it was excellent.  Very greasy, but that's what made it so good.  The fries were also very good, and crispy as advertised.  The food made up for the service, which was quite friendly and well-meaning, but absent-minded.
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