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Flat panel 3-D displays

NBC News reported tonight on a new flat panel display technology called PureDepth that uses a Multi-Layered Display to show a slightly different view to each eye.  The MLD consists of one LCD panel covering another, each with a different view.  My guess is that the pixels of each panel are angled so that the light from each view doesn't interfere with the other and that each eye only sees that angle, but that's just my theory.  According to one story on the Internet, PureDepth is being used to develop a display for air traffic controllers so that critical alerts can be seen to be coming right at them instead of being unnoticed in plain view.  Existing software can be adapted to use PureDepth, and game developers are expected to be taking advantage of it for true 3-D displays.  I expect that after everyone's spent hundreds of dollars to upgrade to HDTV, we'll have to do it again for PDTV when the politicians have to have that, but hopefully the PDTV code can be sent in the HDTV signals.  More information can be found by Googling "pure depth".
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