Coyoty (coyoty) wrote,

Coyoty eats... falafel noodles?

Osem brand falafel flavored Bissli, purchased at Tangiers International in West Hartford, CT.  A product of Israel.

Ingredients include wheat flour, palm oil, spices, dehydrated onion, dehydrated garlic, salt, monosodium glutamate, corn starch, and possible traces of soy protein.

I have no idea what I just wrote for the product identification.  Structurally, it's like firm fried noodles.  It's falafel flavor, but taken out of the context of the falafel, I realize it bears a striking resemblance to the flavor of Kentucky Friend Chicken.  I think I just discovered the Colonel's secret recipe.  All these years we've been eating falafel flavored chicken!

I don't know who the characters on the front are.  Maybe they're from an Israeli cartoon.  They're both freaks, though.  The one in glasses has six fingers on each hand, and the other one looks like Vivian from "The Young Ones".  The bag also warns the buyer to protect it from the sun. Can they only ship it at night?  I wonder what would have happened if I did expose it to sunlight.   Maybe it would make me grow an extra finger on each hand and dress like a '70s punk...

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