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Coyoty eats a Japanese buffet.

At Sakura Garden in West Hartford, CT.

Sakura Garden exterior

Sakura Garden side
Not actually part of the restaurant, but this view along the side was interesting.

Sakura Garden foyer

Sakura Garden interior

Tea and table
Green tea, menu, candle, and table setting. I'm always disappointed when I'm brought a teabag instead of brewed green tea.

Buffet first pass
Blue crab claw, tempura shrimp, stuffed shrimp, and yakitori short rib.

Pear saketini
Pear saketini: Vanilla vodka, pear vodka, sake, and fruit syrup.

Fried lobster roll
Fried lobster roll. I was a little disappointed. It tasted good, but the menu photo showed significantly more lobster.

Various sushi
Various sushi: Sexy girl, red snapper, eel, and two I can't remember.

Udon noodle soup
Udon noodle soup

Clam half-shell, kumamato oyster, and steamed mussel. I am now certain I do not like oysters of any type. I have my doubts about raw clams, too.

Various cakes
Chocolate mousse cake, mango mousse cake, and a dark chocolate cake.

Strawberry ice cream
Strawberry ice cream
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