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Saturday night, snowhusky01, wally_wabbit, and I visited Wally's friend Tom while he convalesced from his recent accident.  We went to a local Japanese hibachi restaurant, and afterward spent the evening at Tom's watching YouTube videos, including several "Will It Blend" videos, and some amazing science demonstrations.

The science videos included:
Mythbusters' bullet-proof water demonstration, where they show how bullets don't penetrate water more than a foot.
Magnetic fluids, that form moving three-dimensional structures in magnetic fields.
Superheated water, where water heated higher than boiling temperature without boiling suddenly boils when disturbed.
Supercooled water, where water cooled below freezing temperature without freezing suddenly turns to ice when disturbed.
Non-Newtonian fluids (like the "banana" drink in my last post), which turn rigid upon impact or  when subjected to electricity or sound or other forces, or form moving three-dimensional structures.  For example, they let you walk on water.
Ruben's tubes, which are tubes lined with fire that reacts to sound and dances with various patterns when channeling music.
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