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Watertown confusion and revised history

I'm very confused.  Last night on the news I saw police take a suspect into custody and put him in a police car after they had ordered him to strip naked.  He was identified as the suspect in the black cap, and he looked like him.  I went to bed because there didn't seem to be anything new happening, and I needed sleep.  When I got up, the news was saying that the man who I saw captured naked was instead killed before he could be captured, and was run over by his brother, who is still at large, and had been shot and suffered explosion injuries.  Were these two separate incidents and two different people?  A Google search on "WCVB naked man" shows articles with details I remember seeing, but the current versions of those articles say nothing of those events and give the current version that the man had been killed before capture.  The previous versions state "They ordered one suspect out and commanded him to strip down completely naked before putting him in a patrol car, which did not leave the scene" (CNN) and similar.  What's going on here?
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