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Coyoty drinks a Jamaican "banana" beverage.

Big Bamboo Irish Moss (Carrageenan) Banana Drink, bought at Stop & Shop.

This is a banana-flavored drink that I thought had contained real bananas when I bought it, but bananas are not listed among the ingredients.  The ingredients include water, sugar (sucrose), milk, corn syrup solids, partially hydrogenated coconut oil, sodium caseinate, artificial flavor, dipotassium phosphate, mono & diglycerides, soybean oil, sodium silicoaluminate, soy lecithin, annatto color, modified food starch, and carrageenan.  Carrageenan, it turns out, is a gelatinous food additive derived from carrageen seaweed, otherwise known as Irish moss, ergo the name.  It's also a pseudoplastic, non-Newtonian fluid, like corn starch solutions, which hardens when hit, then reverts to liquid form.  I should get another for experimental purposes, to see what happens when I hit it instead of drinking it.  (It already sounds like a chemistry experiment, from the ingredients.)

How does it taste?  It's okay, like banana-flavored milk with clumps of apparent banana that isn't.  (The banana is a lie!)
Tags: banana, carrageenan, chemistry, drink, irish moss, jamaican, non-newtonian fluids, physics
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