Coyoty (coyoty) wrote,

Coyoty eat shrimpy peanut

Kasugai shrimp-flavored peanut snack, purchased from Assi Plaza in Queens, NY.  A product of Japan.

Shrimp and peanuts: two great tastes that don't taste all that great together.  These are peanuts covered by a shrimp-flavored cracker shell.  They're okay, not terrible, but it's not something I'd go looking for again.

This purchase is more interesting for the wealth of Engrish that came with it.  The snack's name, "Kasugai Peanut & You", sounds like a school film about health issues.  The importer's label calls them "snack beans".  The following is the return policy on the store's sales receipt, exactly as written:

-Food Items for return must be done with in 7 DAYS from purchase date with receipt.
-Refigerated, frozen, fish, meat, and produce must be returned within 2 HOURS of purchase time with receipt.
-All eletric items is exchangable in 7 days with origianl receipt and packaging only.
-No exchage and return if you used.
-Samsung items are 90 days store warranty and after 90 days must contact with samsung customer service center at 1-800-samsung.

Um, I don't think they'd really want my food items returned if they're done with in 7 days.
Tags: asian, engrish, food, japanese, kasugai, peanuts, shrimp, snack

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