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Coyoty's got a brand new badge.

Yesterday I went out to dinner with wally_wabbit, brombear, snowhusky01, and ripslasher (Edana) to a post-Thanksgiving Turkey dinner.  As in, cuisine from Turkey, at the Turkish Kebab House in New Haven, CT.  I had lamb sautee, and it was very good.  Snow Husky had chicken sautee and fries, Brombear had a sort of Turkish pizza and mozzarella sticks, and I forget what Wally and Edana had.  I tried the mozzarella sticks, and they were the best I've ever had.  Brombear also had baklava for dessert (not to be confused with balaclavas, which aren't so tasty), and invited -- nay, insisted -- everyone try it, for good reason.  THAT was baklava.  It was the sweetest, juiciest baklava I've ever had; all previous had been like dry glazed crackers.

When Brombear arrived before dinner, he gave me the con badge he'd been working on, seen at left.  Now I've got another to go with the one from Heather Bruton, which I took this message's avatar from.  Here's the full image:

Before dinner, we went to New Haven's Railroad Salvage Store, which was like walking into the Twilight Zone.  Some of the stuff in there has been sitting around for decades.  There were audio cassette tapes from the dawn of audio cassette tapes, in their original packages, looking brand new, touting the amazing things that could be done with them.  There were Biker Mice from Mars cake pans.  Furniture, hardware, drapes, toys, housewares, etc., all dating as far back as 30 years or more.  It was creepy, especially when I saw "That 70's Show" playing on a small ancient color TV in the employees' break area, which seemed to be made from a wall of cabinets that could have come from the Cleaver home.

After dinner, we dropped Edana at her home and went back to Wally's, where we watched mostly Red Green episodes on YouTube before we called it a night.  That was a very funny Canadian import that ran on PBS until a few years ago, and can be described as a combination of Home Improvement and Jeff Foxworthy, except it began in the 1980s before they did.
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