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Coyoty eats a nasty durian corn snack.

Makanan Ringan durian-flavored corn snack, purchased at an Asian food store at the Flushing Mall in Queens, NY.  A product of Malaysia.

I have yet to try real durian.  I keep hearing how durian is supposed to smell really bad and taste really good.  This is the second durian-based product I've tried so far, and I'm having doubts about whether the real durian will live up to the hype.

When I opened the bag, I was tempted to gag.  The smell was like a mix of sour milk, rancid cheese, and stinky feet.    I think the expression on the cartoon durian character on the back of the bag (click on the second picture) is a good impression of my own.  I think I know now where the Mister Yuck face came from.  Keeping in mind the taste was supposed to be much better, I tried a few kernels, and it wasn't.    It was worse, because it was in my mouth, and wafting into my sinuses, and I can't turn them away like I can my nose.  These are really bad.
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