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My father looks forward to my death, and a weird Thanksgiving dinner.

I took my father out for Thanksgiving dinner today, but before we left, he brought me to the family cemetery to show me the headstone he'd had made for himself, his father (already deceased), and my brothers and me.  I'm sure he means well, but I'm not sure I like his deciding we'll all be together and making arrangements for me (or my brothers, or his father) without consulting us.  On the other hand, I know arrangements have already been made for me and I don't have to take care of it.  I don't think he considered that any of us might get married (my brothers have each been married before, and I haven't been) and want separate plots.  My brothers also have children, and may want to include them in their own plans.  If he's able to replace his father's stone, however, I think we'd be able to change this one if our situations warrant it.  For now, he's almost 80, he's spent the money, his heart is set on it, and I'm not going to confront him about it.

For dinner, we went to the same place as last year, the Stonewell Restaurant in Farmington, CT.  This time my strange luck kicked in to make things a bit more interesting.  They kept trying to give my food to my father, and vice versa.  They tried to give my drink to my father, and he doesn't drink.  They tried to give him my salad and I had to correct them.  Then they tried to give him my dinner.  When he wanted a refill on his decaffeinated coffee, they tried to give it to me instead of him.  At one point, they even tried to give us the appetizers for someone else's table.  At least they couldn't mix up the desserts, because we both ordered the same thing.  It probably happened because several different people were serving us instead of one person, but you'd think on average we'd get the right things 50 percent of the time.
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