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New York Village Halloween Parade

For Halloween, I joined foxwell, rapidtrabbit, skyfirefox, quentincoyote, mejeep, dreamwolf, and a few others whose names I can't remember, for a march in the New York Village Halloween Parade.  Rapid went as Tenderheart Bear, while Foxwell and I went in our own suits, Quentin went as Zorro, I think, another person went as a wizard, another as a swordsman, and two others went in dog-shaped leather masks.  Most of use prepared at Foxwell's and went in costume from there to the Village by walking and subway, and met Quentin and friends at the parade.  From that point, I wish I could have seen more, but it was dark and crowded and my vision was limited by my head and not having my glasses.  I do know we followed close to one of the floats and tried to stay to the left side where most of the photographers and TV cameras were.  I brought my inflatable guitar and "played" it along with the music, and at times I braved the wind and crowd to balance it on my finger.  To make sure I didn't get separated from everyone, I wore a collar and leash for Mejeep to hold while he made sure everyone stayed safe and together.

After the parade, we hung around nearby for everyone who was separated to get back together, and then walked and rode back to Foxwell's.  I kept my head on while waiting, and a woman who was walking by with her boyfriend saw me and grabbed my head and asked me if I were a naughty wolf and said how cute I was and so on.  The chicks just can't keep their hands off me when I wear a tail in public.

In the subway on the way back, we ran into some other costumers, and one of them played chicken with Foxwell because, well, he was dressed as a chicken.  It was all in fun, though, and they got some photos and video.  Several people took pictures of us on the train both to and from the parade.  At Foxwell's, we got into our street clothes, and went to the nearby Galaxy Diner for supper.  Afterward, I crashed at Foxwell's, and went home the next morning.

Rapid was able to find some photos that he posted to his journal, and I spent some time today looking through Flickr for others.  There were supposedly about a million people attending the parade, but the photos of us aren't easy to find, and I haven't found any video yet.  Here is what I found on Flickr, and I'll post others when I find them.

Rapid as Tenderheart Bear:  (The ladies can't resist Tenderheart either!)

Foxwell:  (Read the comments to this one.)

One of the leather dogs:

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