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Coyoty eats poached lobster.

At Matthew's Restaurant in Unionville, CT.

I went there to use a Living Social coupon, but I'll be back without the discount. I was very satisfied with the poached lobster and crab cakes, and want to try their other selections. (Foursquare users recommend the Caesar salad.) My only complaint is the lighting was a little dark for photos. Poor me.

Poached lobster
"Fresh New England Lobster Poached in Butter, served with Mussels and a Shrimp Risotto". It was a lobster tail, not the full lobster, but still very good, and filling with the risotto and mussels. They also included some claw meat.

Matthew's bar
Matthew's bar

I like how they filled the hurricane glass with Christmas lights.

Matthew's dining room
Matthew's dining room

Seen through the glass partition separating it from the bar area. The artworks on the walls are for sale.

Coffee and bread
Coffee and bread

The coffee was very good. They said the brand is Omar's.

Crab cakes
Crab cakes

"Fresh Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes served over a bed or crisp greens with a spicy Remoulade Sauce". They were great.

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