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This is why Hartford has high insurance rates.

The driveways to my building's parking lot are tricky.  People keep parking right up to the driveways so you can't see around the cars, and I have to drive out slowly to avoid getting hit, hoping anyone coming will see me in time to avoid hitting me, and not be driving too fast.  Sometimes that isn't enough.

I was creeping out of the driveway this morning because I couldn't see around the van parked right next to it, and someone clipped me and sheered off my front license plate.  My car itself wasn't hit, just the plate mount, and it scraped across the bumper.  The other car got a dent and scrape on the front passenger side door, luckily, because there was a little girl on the rear seat behind it.  Luckily she hadn't been sitting in the front.  She was unharmed, and was running around having a ball while I made sure everyone was okay and called the police.

Because I was coming out of the driveway, the officer decided I was at fault for not giving the right of way, and gave me a warning ticket.  He said I was responsible for making sure there were no cars coming before driving out.  The way the cars are parked, however, there's no way for me to have seen anyone coming, and I took several photos to show that if I have to dispute it.  Depending on how much the damages are, I may have to sue the city for not making sure the exits are safe, or the guy who parked so close to the driveway, to recover the costs.  This will be tricky, because there was a new stake there that said "No Parking" a few nights ago, but someone removed it.  The guy who parked too close may not have known it was illegal, if it is, and that's not certain.  I'm going to have to research the laws on how close people are allowed to park, and how many accidents have been at that location.  A couple of workers from the building across the street said they see accidents there frequently.

This is the damage to my car.  (Click photos to enlarge.)

This is my plate.  Poor plate was still damaged from the accident that totaled my previous car.  The second photo shows the shearing in the back.

This is where the accident happened.  Note how close the parked car is, and where the tire skid of the other car is.  My car could not have been further out than the license plate for this to happen or for only the plate to get hit or the other car's passenger side door to be damaged.

The first photo below is my visibility where I was hit.  Behind it are several more cars parking up to the next-door driveway, so that whole area is obscure.  The second photo is where I can finally see around the car, even leaning forward.

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