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Wikipedia Drama and Encyclopedia Dramatica

I am a frequent editor on Wikipedia, as Coyoty. There is another editor, who is an admin, ContiE, who also edits some of the same pages I do. We are, of course, not the same person. A very confused person who has a dispute with ContiE, however, thinks we are, and has been making libelous and slanderous accusations about both of us, glommed as a single person, on both Wikipedia and the Encyclopedia Dramatica. These accusations include pedophilia. I may be an encyclopediaphile, but not a pedophile. I'm undecided right now about whether to take legal action.

You can see the original disputes and accusations on Wikipedia by looking for the edits by "Arights" and "SnowConeYellow" in the articles "User talk:Coyoty", "User talk:ContiE", and "User talk:Jimbo Wales". (Yes, he spammed Wikipedia's founder with his delusions, along with many other editors.)

This is the Encyclopedia Dramatica entry:

Interestingly, it points to another page by "Parents for the Online Safety of Children" ( that is notable for attacking furries in general, and mentions ContiE by name.

Obviously, I want to disassociate myself from these accusations. Please mention this on your own blogs if you think it matters to you, but don't spam the blogs of others with it, please. I don't want to be accused of doing the same thing as Arights.
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