Coyoty (coyoty) wrote,

A Sucky Product

Tired of wasting your money on copper bands, magnetic bracelets, pyramid power, and other remedies that keep the prices of tabloids down?  Now you can spend it on the brand new Kinoki Foot Pads!  They may look like ordinary bandages, but they (allegedly) use reflexology to suck the toxins out of your body, just like the ground sucks toxins out of trees through their roots!  (No, really, that's how it works!  Watch the video!)  As the pads get lighter and lighter each night you use them, your body will feel lighter and healthier as the heavy metals are removed!  No, it's true!  They're not getting lighter each night because the adhesive is making your feet less dirty, you know.

I guess everything I know about reflexology and biology are wrong.  I had the silly notions that reflexology was a form of acupressure, and that trees sucked toxins out of the ground, not the other way around.  And I had no idea that our feet were just like the roots of trees!  That's good to know, if I'm going to put this fertilizer on them.
Tags: bunk, detox, foot, fraud, kinoki, pads, snake oil, toxins
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