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Coyoty eats a Polish grinder.

Polish grinder by Coyoty
Polish grinder, a photo by Coyoty on Flickr.

From Delicacy Market in West Hartford, CT.

Polish peppered pork, Podlaski cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, hunter's bacon, and jalapeños, with store-made potato chips and deli pickle (hiding under the chips).

The highlights of this sandwich were the cheese, bacon, and chips.

The cheese was like American cheese with more of a whole milk flavor.

The hunter's bacon was tasty and crunchy, and is described online as halfway between Canadian bacon and regular bacon. I also bought a half pound of it and will probably post about what it's like on its own.

The chips were way better than bagged chips. I should try making my own if that's how fresh-made turns out.


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