Coyoty (coyoty) wrote,

Coyoty eats chicken-fried bacon

A few nights ago, I had almost nothing to eat for dinner, but I did have bacon.  I'd been meaning to try chicken-fried bacon after reading about it, so that seemed a good time.

It was okay, but not as mouthwatering as this video and this article made it out to be.  It was a little bland to me.  Maybe my vegetable oil wasn't greasy enough or my bacon wasn't fatty enough.  It was like a cross between fried chicken skin and fried pork rinds.  I get the best flavor out of bacon by baking it instead of frying it, whether deep fried or pan fried.

I'm glad I didn't try chicken-frying the Spam.  I can avoid eating it awhile longer.
Tags: bacon, chicken, food, fried
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