Coyoty (coyoty) wrote,

Adventures in Driving

You know how in "Lost" the sky will be sunny and suddenly there will be a downpour?  That's what happened as I was getting into my car this morning.  I heard thunder and a second later it was raining.  It was a strange rain, too, with a mix of huge fat drops and tiny drizzle.

On the highway, I saw a Nyancar.  The weather was sunny and rainy and the spray behind the car in front of me gave it a long trailing rainbow.  If I could have caught it on video, I'd give it Nyancat's background music.

When I got to work, the rain stopped.  This normally happens to me.  I rarely have to use an umbrella.

On the way home tonight, I had a car in front of me with its rear wiper wrapped in plastic.  It looked like the owner got a new wiper and didn't know enough to unwrap it before installing it.

Behind me, the driver looked like a red reaper.  He was wearing a red hoodie with the hood up and covering half his face.  I realized he wasn't hiding or stalking or reaping, but shading his face from the sun.
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