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Scientists levitate tiny objects

Researchers at Saint Andrews University in Britain have found a way to reverse the Casimir force into a molecular repulsing effect instead of the molecular bonding that it usually does.  The Casimir force is best known as the method used by geckos to stick to surfaces without glue, using tiny hairs in their toes that "gravitate" to the molecules in the surface.  Reversing and regulating the effect allows scientists to "levitate" extremely small objects like nanomachines over surfaces, where their size would not be too large to escape the pull of gravity.  If the force is strong enough to allow objects the size of geckos to stick, though, I think the reversal could be strong enough to allow the same objects to "skate" over surfaces, and if applied to the surfaces themselves, it might lead to more effective non-stick coatings.
Tags: adhesive, casimir, force, geckos, levitation, repulsing, reversal, surfaces

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