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Coyoty nearly chokes on a messy blueberry cake.

Blueberry cake squares made by IMEI Cookies of Taiwan, and purchased at Hong Kong Market in West Haven, CT.

I made the mistake of biting the first one in half to see the filling.  It fell apart immediately and crumbled all over me, and was so dry it almost choked me.  I think the silica packet included in the package may have had something to do with that.  I was also surprised by the flavor of cheese, which is one of the ingredients.  Another surprising ingredient is "white gourd", which is apparently a type of wax gourd or winter melon that is used as a preservative.  I wish it preserved the taste, because these things are like very dry blueberry Newtons.
Tags: asian, blueberry, cake, cookies, hong kong, imei, market, newtons, taiwan
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