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Holographic Al Gore on Live Earth concert

I didn't know what to expect for the opening of the Live Earth concert, but it wasn't a holographic projection of Al Gore.  I had no idea holographic technology was that advanced.  It wasn't a 3-D projection, just a 2-D television image projected into real space, but impressive enough.  It looked like a monitor image except for the ring of lights underneath, and the more traditional laser show projectors shining from behind the image, supplementing his appearance with vector graphics.  He was preceded in Tokyo by a holographic performance by Lumi, the singer of the Japanese virtual-reality band Genki Rockets, created by game designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi.

I'm watching the concert in high definition on Universal HD, for 22 hours.  Between concert appearances, there are innovative short films with environmental themes, such as "Polar Bear Man" and "How to Save the Earth According to Satan".  (They all can be seen at, along with running live coverage of the concert.)
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