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Coyoty goes tubing and trees a foxcoon.

Saturday I joined wally_wabbit, foxwell, skyfirefox, and Eric Wright (no relation) for an afternoon of tubing at the Satan's Kingdom State Recreation Area in Farmington, CT.

Before that, though, Wally, Foxwell, Skyfire and I had breakfast at the Duchess fast food place in New Haven.  What sets Duchess apart from the other fast food joints like McDonald's and Burger King is that their food is fresh, not prepackaged and frozen, and that includes the egg sandwiches.  You haven't had a good sausage and egg sandwich until you've had one with a fresh fried egg with runny yolk.

After breakfast, we went to Wal-Mart for accessories like eyeglass lanyards, and long-sleeved T-shirts to protect our arms from rubbing against the tubes.  Unfortunately, no shirts could be found.  I tried using knee-high stockings from Walgreens, but later found they're no good and got a bit of rash from the tube anyway.

We arrived at Satan's Kingdom before noon and were joined there by Eric.  Foxwell found an irresistible tree and had to climb it, along with his fox plushie.  The changing rooms were converted port-a-potties, and I discovered that they had a capacity of 10 people.  Assuming they had to use them very badly.  More photos here.

The forecast board said the water temperature was 58 degrees, but it felt a lot colder.  Wally was in first, but out last due to some trouble with his tube and the water temperature.  (More on that in his journal.)  Because of the currents, Skyfire got separated and swept ahead of everyone, followed by Foxwell and I, and then Wally and Eric.  Foxwell had his otter plushie with him, and it floated very well, even when waterlogged.  Some people on the shore boggled at it and asked if it were a real otter.  There are supposed to be real otters in the Farmington River, but Foxwell's animal magnetism isn't that good.

Speaking of magnetism, I think my butt was attracted to every rock in the river.  If there was a rock to hit, I hit it.  At one point there was a field of them that I got caught on, and it took some time and effort to wiggle and pry myself off them.  I wasn't sure I was going to make it, but eventually I slipped off in order to seek more rocks to batter my bottom.

The ride was estimated to be abuot an hour and a half, but it seemed longer.  We got used to the water temperature, but we found when we got out that it was because it was so cold we couldn't feel it any more, along with our legs and other parts.  We were worried about hypothermia, but eventually warmed up enough for Wally to drive us back to his place.  Eric had to go a different direction, though, so he didn't join us.

Dinner was at the Kumo Japanese Steak House in Hamden.  Wally and Skyfire had chicken hibachi dinners, I had steak hibachi, and Foxwell had a huge bowl of udon.  The steak was very good, and the chef prepared the hibachi meals at the table, as with Benihana restaurants.  There was too much food to finish.  Afterward we stopped at a nearby Goodwill before dropping Foxwell off to catch his train.  Once we got back to Wally's place, I had to go home because I was just too exhausted from my struggle to escape the rock field to do anything more.
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