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Coyoty eats Kobe beef and goes saling.

I took my father out to dinner Saturday for an early Father's Day, but first we spent the day going to tag sales all around East Hampton, CT, where he lives, and visiting friends and relatives.  I learned that everyone knows my father, even if he doesn't know them.  That's a good legacy to leave.  The town's historical society sponsored over 60 official tag sales, while there were maybe as many more unofficial tag sales by people who didn't want to pay the $15 fee for the society's promotion and inclusion on the map of the event.  The unofficial ones often turned out to be something like just a few items on a blanket, not worth $15 in total.  I ended up buying a silk wizard's hat that I might someday use on my costume, and a Presto bread slicing guide to replace the one that's breaking apart because it keeps falling on the floor, and a microwave turntable for the oven in my office at work.

That night, I brought my father to the Simmer Grille in West Hartford, CT, where I saw online had Kobe beef, which I'd been meaning to try.  It came in the form of a Kobe beef burger, which was also supposed to have truffles on it, which I'd also been meaning to try.  I don't think I got completely what I ordered, though, because the burger was missing the "white truffle aioli" and apparently only had porchini mushrooms on it, I assume, because there was only one type and they didn't taste like I've read truffles are supposed to taste.  The beef patty was excellent, though.  It tasted like hamburger made from really good prime rib.  The server assured me that it was true Japanese Kobe beef and not the American equivalent.  I'd really like to have more, but not if I have to pay $22 again for an incomplete hamburger.

My father had filet mignon, which was about the safest thing on the menu for him.  The restaurant  has no accommodations for diabetics or others with diet restrictions, and apparently no sympathy for them either, because I got condescending glances from the server while my father tried to decide what was okay and ask if simple changes could be made to how the food was prepared.  They couldn't.  They couldn't use margarine instead of butter, they couldn't leave out the onions, they couldn't make the mashed potatoes without cream, etc.  He did enjoy the meal, but I think it would have been more enjoyable if they had been more flexible and considerate.  Based on his experience and mine, and the high prices, I don't think I'll go there again.  I only went there for the Kobe beef, but I'll try to find it somewhere else next time.

With the tip, the cost was $81.32 for the two of us, the most I've ever paid for dinner.  The blueberry creme brulee was $8, the most I've ever paid for a pudding.
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