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Coyoty eats a Korean peanut snack.

A Korean peanut snack, made by Orion, purchased at H-Mart in Little Ferry, NJ.  I don't know the name of it; the nutrition sticker just identifies it as "KOREAN CRACKER", and I'm not sure it's the right label.  The ingredients are listed as corn syrup, wheat flour, peanut, sugar, corn starch, and lecithin, but what it actually seems to be are balls of rice crispies with a single peanut pressed into each one.  Whatever they are, they're a new favorite snack.  They taste like a cross between rice crispy treats, Poppycock, and Reese's or Captain Crunch peanut butter cereal.  They tasted even better when I tried dunking them in my coffee.
Tags: asian, crispies, food, korean, orion, peanut, rice, snack
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