Coyoty (coyoty) wrote,

Coyoty eats jackfruit chips

Niki Jackfruit Chips, bought at A Dong Supermarket in West Hartford, CT.  Ingredients are fresh jackfruit fried in palm oil.  A product of East Java, Indonesia.

These were surprisingly good.  I can't easily describe the flavor, but the consistency is like astronaut ice cream.  The flavor is sort of peachy and citrusy, and excellent.  It was like a peachy citrusy astronaut sherbet.  I tried some thawed frozen jackfruit later, but there was no comparison.  The frozen jackfruit had the consistency of cabbage, and the flavor was not as good.  I think only fresh jackfruit will be any good, besides the chips, and that's hard to find.
Tags: asian, chips, food, indonesian, jackfruit
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