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Coyoty makes a "Coyoty Bleu".

Coyoty Bleu, originally uploaded by Coyoty.

My new year gets even happier. Tonight my strange luck was really lucky and strange.

Needing a celebratory drink for the new year, I mixed one part coconut rum with one part blueberry vodka and two parts egg nog. The result was remarkable and unexpected.

The flavor is very much like a bleu cheese cheesecake, not in a bad way. It tastes a little like bleu cheese, is sharp and sweet, and has a nice burn to it. I'd call it a sipping drink, but I don't want to stop sipping it. It's a fascinating drink. And it doesn't make me drowsy like some other drinks.

The strange luck is with the unexpected taste, and how fortunate it is that blueberry vodka would result in a bleu cheese flavor, and the opportunity to name it Coyoty Bleu. It blew my mind.

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