Coyoty (coyoty) wrote,

Free Comic Book Day at Sarge's

Saturday I joined sympolarbear, wally_wabbit, and other fursuiters to entertain the customers at Sarge's Comics in New London, CT for Free Comic Book Day.  Other costumed characters there included Shrek, Little Red Riding Hood, Hagar the Horrible, some game characters, a Power Ranger, a super-heroine, and a batallion of Star Wars characters.  (Anakin's resemblance was uncanny.)  People kept mistaking me for a wolf as usual, and kept trying to hook me up with LRRH.  At one point the store had me do some promotional photos "matching strength" with retired wrestler Ox Baker.

Afterward, we went back to Sym's for a barbecue, and had a surprise visit from furry artist Lance Rund.  The real star of the day was Sym's dog Keba, though.  Keba was an attention hog, kissing everyone, playing ball, begging for food, etc.  He had no interest in Frisbee, though.
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