Coyoty (coyoty) wrote,

The "Oh, Lord!"'s Prayer

People often cry, "Jesus H. Christ!" when they detect a really bad fart, but why?  Because God's are the worst, and they want His Son to talk to Him.  Everyone complains about their father's farts, but what if your father is The Father?  That's why He came up with:

The "Oh, Lord!"'s Prayer:

Our Father, who farts in Heaven,
Hell-odored be thy fame.
Thy stinkdom come, thy smell be done
On earth as it is in Heaven.
Take us this day our daily breath,
And forgive us our gas passes,
As we forgive those who pass gas against us.
And lead us not into suffocation
But deliver us from evil smells
For thine is the stinkdom, the overpowering, and the "Oh, Lordy!", for ever and ever.  Ahem.

(Why yes, it was a blast for me.)
Tags: blasphemy, farts, lord's prayer, parody, satire
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