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Coyoty makes some spicy cheesy veggie scrambled eggs and smoked bacon.

Not entirely vegetarian, but it's got some veggies. The bacon is applewood double-smoked from Kansas City Steak Company.

For the scrambled eggs:

Some olive oil
Some eggs (I used two)
Some diced onions
Some veggies (I used bare cole slaw)
Some seasoning (I used ground chili flakes and sea salt)
Some Chinese hot mustard
Some cheese (I used American)
Some milk (I used 1 percent)
Some butter

Mix together the olive oil, eggs, onions, veggies, milk, cheese (broken up), mustard, and seasoning. Melt the butter in a skillet heated at medium high. Pour in the egg mix and scrape until it looks like wet cottage cheese. Transfer to a plate and enjoy.

The quantities are intentionally unspecified. They don't have to be precise for this recipe. Use your feelings. You can adjust it to taste each time you make it, or just enjoy the variety.

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