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If pizzas are vegetables...

Is "veggie pizza" now redundant?
I remember when ketchup was declared a vegetable.
"You are what you eat" applies to school lunch lobbyists.
Since tomatoes are technically a fruit, shouldn't pizzas be classified as fruit now?
What do you call Hawaiian pizza? Fruit, vegetable, or livestock?
Can Catholics eat meat lovers' pizza on Friday if they put anchovies on it and call it fish?
♫ When-a da moon hits-a your eye like a big vegetable... ♫ No, doesn't work.
It's one way to get kids to eat their vegetables. "Hey Mom, what's for dinner?" "Pizza!" "Uh... looks like brussels sprouts..."
Having cold vegetable for breakfast doesn't sound so good.
Beer-battered fried pizza doesn't sound so bad.
New Lean Cuisine dinner: Pizza Medley.
Bad comedians now have to worry about people throwing rotten pizzas at th-- SPLAP!!! ...Hey, stop that!
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