Coyoty (coyoty) wrote,

Coyoty eats braised boneless beef shortribs.

Braised boneless shortribs
At Pond House Grille in Glastonbury, CT.

Braised boneless beef shortribs with toasted mushroom barley, roasted root vegetables, demiglace, and crispy onion ribbons.

Braised boneless shortribs interior
Braised boneless shortribs interior

Cornbread with honey butter
Cornbread with honey butter

Pond House Grille exterior
Pond House Grille exterior

Pond House Grille bar
The bar.

Pond House Grille columns

Sorry for the lighting.  It was dim and orange in there.  It also wasn't the restaurant I was expecting.  When I got the Groupon, it was the Tango Restaurant, but they changed management and menu.  I also almost didn't get to use the Groupon because it was expiring and Glastonbury, CT was out of power for almost two weeks.  I won't get to use another expiring Groupon because it's for a restaurant in West Hartford, CT that was also out of power and I don't have the chance to take advantage of it.

The moral of this story is if you're going to use Groupons and Living Social type deals, use them as soon as possible, or the restaurants will mutate and a freak storm will knock their power out for two weeks before they expire.
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