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Things get better.

This is a reply I wrote in the comments for the comic strip Endtown at, where one character has just euthanized a child who had been horribly mutated.  I think it bears repeating elsewhere and everywhere.


This is a conversation I wish I didn't have to keep having, because there's no resolution and each side will be unconvinced.  Until they have to face the situation in real life and have their own personal circumstances, which are NEVER the same for everyone.

In my experience, Holly is right.  I've been in dire circumstances where there seemed to be no hope, and things do somehow get better.  If I or my family were to have taken Flask's route, people we love would not have survived.

My brother was on his death's bed and we were making funeral and donation arrangements.  He was considered brain-dead.  Then he got better.  You'd think he wasn't ill at all now.  I think he heard us tell him how much we loved him while he was"unconscious", and he willed himself better.  If we had given up on him, he might have given up on us.

My grandmother was in the hospital dying with her organs failing and I went to visit her.  She had had hopes for me but I had disappointed her before when I had to withdraw from college due to some bad decisions.  No one had told her how my life had gotten better, and I told her.  She gave me a look of anger and determination when she learned how people were keeping things from her, and SHE got better, to spite them.

I've been in terrible financial situations and got out of them.  I've been in terrible medical and physical situations, where I nearly died, and got out of them.  Things get better, when you can't imagine how they could, in ways you can't imagine.

I can't stop others from deciding to end a person's suffering, or their own, through terminal means.  That's their decision and free will.  But I can tell them how it doesn't have to be that way and hope they'll be convinced otherwise.

I also know that by ending someone else's suffering without their consent, you're taking that decision away from them.  I'm not sure that the monster child gave consent.  Some people may be glad someone else makes the hard decisions for them, but I would be very upset, and I have a note in my wallet stating that under no circumstance do I want to be left to die.  Things get better, but I'm lazy and I don't want to have to do everything by myself.
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