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Coyoty eats authentic southern BBQ in Seymour, CT.

RiverView BBQ

Last month I helped wally_wabbit move into his new apartment.  Afterward, we went to RiverView BBQ in Seymour, CT, on the Naugatuck River.  It looks like a New England seafood shack, but serves some of the best land food you can find north of the Mason-Dixon line.

Soda menu
The soda menu.

Ordering window
The ordering window.

One of the two patios, which are separated by a boat landing.

River view from patio
River view from the patio.

Some orange dipping thing
Some orange dipping thing

I have no idea what it is. It seemed to be a slaw of some kind. It could be a southern BBQ staple I don't recognize.

Blue raspberry soda
Blue raspberry soda

Even an artisan soda maker can't make this flavor any good.

Boat landing and dock
Boat landing and dock

The restaurant serves boaters on the Naugatuck River. They can park their boats on the dock, or launch them from the landing and eat on the river.

Boat landing with sign
Boat landing with sign

The patio seen from the boat landing. The sign directs boaters to wonderful BBQ.

Pulled pork sandwich and sides
Pulled pork sandwich and sides

Pulled pork sandwich, cole slaw, hand-cut fries, and spicy BBQ sauce.

Sample beef brisket
Sample beef brisket

The tenderest brisket I've ever had. Not chewy or tooth-clogging at all.

The restaurant offers free samples of several of their BBQ items, which
is a good strategy. It encourages people to come back for them. I want
to go back for the brisket, and then the ribs, and then the chicken,
and then...

Pulled pork and cole slaw sandwich
Pulled pork and cole slaw sandwich

Om nom nom nom...

I've recently learned the joys of topping pulled pork sandwiches with cole slaw. This is a joyful sandwich.

BBQ grilling station and smoker
BBQ grilling station
BBQ grilling station and Coleman smoker

The chef is the very model of a southern BBQ cook. You couldn't get a better match if you'd wished one from a genie.

Lobster tank
Lobster tank

Another thing to go back to them for. They don't give free samples of

barbecued lobster, but I expect it would be worth every penny. The only
pinching should be done by the lobsters.

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