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Deathcar for Coyoty

Tonight it seemed everyone on or off the road was trying to kill me.  On the way home on the highway, some asshole in a pickup started moving into my lane just a few feet ahead and I honked to warn him to back off, but he continued to move into me.  I quickly slowed down to avoid getting hit, and the asshole riding my tail nearly runs into me.  Off the highway, someone threw a snowball into my windshield, which at night looks like it could be anything.  (On the news tonight, there was a story about someone whose windshield was shattered by ice thrown at them by someone on an overpass.)  Almost home, someone passed around me on the right so they could cut in front of me at the light to turn left.  And on my street, someone parked a trailer truck just in front of where I had to turn into my building's lot, leaving very little room to maneuver with cars coming toward me and behind me.  I think if someone can get me in my sleep from the road tonight, they'll try.
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