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Pinky Progress

I got the ER's splint off after 11 days of near immobility for my right hand, finally.  It should have been sooner but that's the soonest I could get a followup appointment with an orthopedist.  Not a moment too soon, because the doctor and his assistant both looked disapprovingly at the splint, saying it should have been fitted to allow better flexibility after healing.  The prognosis is still good, though, and now all I need to do is tape the pinky (which is still purple-y) to its neighbor and wear a wrist brace, and remove them twice a day to exercise the finger.  I don't have to cover my arm with a plastic bag in the shower any more, and can touch-type again, except for anything right of the L.  I still have to avoid putting too much pressure on the hand for the next few weeks.  It looks like I'll be able to suit up again without any problem for the kids_expo in April.

Speaking of the suit, I got the mud off my paws with some Woolite and combed them after drying, and they look almost as good as new.  The head could use some repair, though.  It fell on the floor and now has a loose tooth, but I can glue that back into place.  I also need to touch up the paint in the mouth, but that's not so noticible and can wait if necessary.
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