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Coyoty eats a Sicilian "NY Special" pizza with jalapenos.

Wood-fired "NY Special" Sicilian-style pizza with jalapenos added, from NY-NY Pizza Restaurant on Franklin Ave. in Hartford, Conn.'s "Little Italy". Kajmak cheese spread, smoked beef, mozzarella, garlic, spices, and jalapenos.

I can get used to wood-fired pizza. The crust was toasted on top and tasted like good dark toast. The rest of the pizza was also nicely browned on top, and the smoked beef was a surprise. I was expecting standard ground beef, not strips of actual smoked beef. This is one of the better pizzas I've had.

Even though this is a Sicilian pizza restaurant, there's a significant Balkan influence. There are several Slavic dishes and ingredients such as kajmak, cevapi, pljeskavica, and ajvar, and some of the pizzas have unexpected ingredients such as peas, hot dogs, and eggs. They serve breakfast, including a Balkan omelet with smoked beef. There are also Greek dishes like gyros, souvlaki, etc.

This was my first delivery from them, but the menu makes me want to visit them for a sit-down dinner.

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