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Coyoty takes a plunge.

I performed with the New England Fursuiters for the Penguin Plunge at Crystal Lake in Middletown, CT and instead of breaking a leg, I broke a finger.  :(  I now have to wear a splint for at least three weeks and get used to using my left hand for most things.  This may keep me from suiting at the Kids' Expo in Poughkeepsie next month.

The good thing is that over $55,000 was raised by various volunteer groups for the Special Olympics.  NEF did its part entertaining the plungers, including a certain coyote who brought a plunger of the plumbing kind, as a prop.  I plunged some penguins and some fellow NEFers, and did balancing tricks.  When it came time for us to go jump in a lake, I found a curb and landed on my finger (and some mud).  I got up and continued to run toward the water, and everyone but foxwell stopped short.  He jumped right in.  Our plunge made the NBC-30 newscast, too!

Afterward, we had an early dinner at the Athena Diner in Middletown, where wally_wabbit joined us, and some of us headed to his place later.  Meanwhile, my right pinky turned purple-y and swollen, and I had it checked at a hospital right after I got home.  Feh.

Here are some pictures from the event:

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