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Coyoty encounters 3 Devils at Hot Tomato's

Hot Tomato's patio

I had received a notice from someone known only as "Groupon".  There was an obligation to be settled, and it had to be on the 13th day of the month, at Hot Tomato's in Hartford, Connecticut...

It was a Dark 'n' Stormy night...

Dark 'n' Stormy drink

The city was in the distance...

Way downtown Hartford

A train rang out...

Train bridge

The natives were restless...  (Well, some were resting...)

Bushnell Park

And 3 Devils came to my table...

3 Devils Shrimp

3 Devils Shrimp

"Spicy tomato sauce, hot cherry peppers, sweet sausage and shrimp tossed with angel hair pasta."   It was pretty good.  I'm not sure if the 3 Devils referred to the three jumbo shrimp, or the sauce, peppers, and sausage.

Hot Tomato's is a Hartford fixture, at Union Station, across from Bushnell Park on Asylum St.  Attached to a transportation hub, it's one of the social hubs of the city.  Politicos and city characters eat there, make deals, and shmooze with each other.  When I was there, it seemed like I was in a cafe scene in a movie.  A Sydney Greenstreet type gave a lot of attention to a table of women and told the staff he'd take care of anything they wanted.  Other patrons came up to greet him, and he seemed to be a well-known regular.  Everyone else seemed to have stories behind them as well.  If it weren't too light out, it could have been a film noir setting.
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