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Coyoty eats a Chipotle BBQ Angus Burger and Real Ginger Brew.

Chipotle BBQ Angus Burger from McDonald's. It was not fresh. It was cold. It was dry. It was rubbery. It was bland, except for the minimal squirt of chipotle sauce. It was McDonald's.

Hitachino Nest Real Ginger Brew purchased at Harvest Wines in West Hartford, CT. A product of Japan.

The beer was the highlight of the meal. The label says, "Fresh ginger roots added to the brewkettle create an intriguing balance of ginger-spicy, sweet-malty and hoppy-dry flavors and aromas." I couldn't have said it better myself. It was a smooth beer, not bitter except for the bite from the ginger.

This is a very tasty beer and I'm going to try to find more of it, not just because it's good.

With the nuclear situation in Japan, it's possible that imports will be hard to find in the near future, and now is the time to get existing products before they run out. The affected companies will also need capital to recover, so a quick influx of cash will help them.

My strange luck for the day was when I got home with the burger, there was a McDonald's Angus Burger carton sitting in the middle of my otherwise empty parking space.

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