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Mr. Rivera's Wild Ride

On the way to visit wally_wabbit and a couple of furs visiting from Oregon yesterday, I passed by a number of police cars near Exit 25N on Rte. I-91, and thought nothing of it.  I found out in this morning's paper what had happened:

A guy named Danilo Rivera, apparently drunk or stoned, had stolen a Mustang in Hartford from a woman who'd left her keys in the car at a car wash, and a few streets later he crashed it into a utility pole.  Then he stole a Cavelier from another woman who'd left the car running while she was in a gas station getting directions.  She'd also left her 7-year-old son in the car.  The guy took off down I-91 and stopped to drop off the kid, and the cop chasing him had to stop to take care of the boy.  Further down I-91, near Exit 25N, Rivera crashed yet again, then carjacked an Accord, left the highway, and passed through Wethersfield, Rocky Hill, and Cromwell, where he crashed into a Jeep and a guardrail.  While he was trying to steal another car, including the Jeep, several citizens captured him and a Middletown cop arrested him.  According to the Hartford Courant, one of cars he'd stolen had also had a rottweiler, which bit him.

The moral of the story is, never leave your keys or children in a car unattended.  Rottweilers are optional.
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