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Coyoty eats a shrimp, pastrami, and mushroom pizza.

This time my die rolled up two items I'd never had on a pizza before: shrimp and pastrami.  I'd had each of them without pizza, though, and like them both.  But I didn't expect the shrimp to be breaded, and the breading negated the whole shrimp and pastrami experience, IMO.  The breading overwhelms everything else on the pizza, which is why I avoid ordering chicken on pizza as well; sometimes I would get breaded chicken meant for parmigiana grinders.  It wasn't a bad pizza, but if I wanted a breading pizza I would have ordered one.

At least I paid $2 less than I should have.  They charged me for a 3-item pizza when it should have been a specialty pizza (shrimp) with two extra toppings.
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