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Corn Dog!

On the way home from work I was forced by traffic to detour past the new Whole Foods store in West Hartford, CT, and I decided to check it out.  Outside was this husky statue painted in a corncob theme, an art project from UConn (University of Connecticut).  Here are more views:

Whole Foods is an amazing store.  It's a supermarket with nothing but unadulterated whole foods and other "health food" store products, and gourmet foods as well.  It's the cleanest supermarket I've ever seen, and has buffet and deli sections with prepared and hot meals, coffee, soups, salads, etc.  Think of a Trader Joe's on steroids.  I left with a bag of jalapeno tortilla chips, Friendship sour cream, onion and garlic flavored frozen french fries, and a chicken melt sandwich with chipotle mayo.
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