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Ripley, believe it or not.

This is a poodle.  This is the condition he was in when found in a ditch in Houma, Louisiana and brought to an animal rescue group.  He was so massively matted he could barely move, and was described as a "living, breathing ball of hair".  The My Heart's Desire shelter staff named him Ripley because they couldn't believe he could be in such a neglected condition and survive.  After they removed the matted hair and groomed him, Ripley looked much better:

The staff at Ripley's Believe It or Not heard about Ripley and donated money to the shelter to help him.  But there are many other neglected animals and animal shelters that need donations and don't have the "luck" of getting media attention.  Please find them and give them some attention, too.

Ripley's Newsroom article.

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