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Coyoty eats lamb chop hibachi.

Friday night some friends and I went to Osaka, a hibachi restaurant on Main Street  in Middletown, Conn.  At first I wasn't going to post about it because each course was separate and the hibachi performance was like any other, but after tasting the food, I decided that it was worth spending the extra time on all the photos and descriptions.

This is the best Japanese hibachi I've ever had, and ranks with the best food as well.  The salad and soup were standard, but the drink, shrimp appetizer, fried rice, lamb chops, and vegetables were all excellent.  The chops were very tender and juicy, and the sesame sauce was perfect.  I tried someone's steak, and it was equally tender and delicious.  Someone had salmon and declared it ambrosia.  One lamented he couldn't afford to hire the chef as his own personal.  I'm going to have to find excuses to go back there and try everything else.

Here are the rest of my courses:

Osakatini, made from sake and peach wine.  Very tasty.

Salad.  This is similar to salads served at other hibachi restaurants.  I forget what the dressing is.

Miso soup.

Best fried rice ever.  Not your Chinese boxed fried rice.  This was fresh rice seasoned and fried with egg and onion and other vegetables at the table.  Moist and crispy at the same time.  I'd go back just for the rice.
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