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Mascotting at Bridgeport Sound Tigers' Kids Opening Day

Bridgeport's Sound Tigers hockey team had their Kids' Opening Day at the Arena at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport, CT today, and Hi-4 Entertainment was invited to perform with other mascots including the Sound Tigers' Storm (pictured right), the Bridgport Bluefishes' B.B.  There was also a mascot that looked like Davy Crocket, but I didn't catch his name and couldn't find any references to him on the Internet.  The Hi-4 characters included the beaver, the platypus, and me as Coyoty in my new costume, which doesn't have any photos available yet.  wally_wabbit  was there as an escort.

We wandered around the stadium waving, having our pictures taken, doing tricks and antics, etc.  I carried an inflatable USA mallet that kept balancing on my finger and used to bop people.  I found my new head can easily "eat" stolen lemons, which the kids found amusing.  I also found that sitting down next to disabled kids produces the happiest reactions. 

At the first intermission, there was a game of musical chairs, and I was the first to lose.  I moved to the side until the end of the musical chairs, and when I discovered an RC blimp flying past me to drop tickets on the fans, I tried to bop it out of the air (intentionally missing, of course). 

After the event, the Hi-4 crew went to Arthur's Famous Pizza in Bridgeport for dinner.  I wasn't really impressed with my pizza; it tasted like a Celeste frozen pizza.
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