Coyoty (coyoty) wrote,

a Cabela's

This morning I got my Saturn tuned at Valenti Cadillac in Hartford.  They also fixed my back window washer and advised me the Service Engine light was going on in cold clammy weather because the camshaft wasn't getting enough oil, so I need to watch that.  I'm glad there's finally a local dealer that supports Saturns after the original Saturn dealership closed.

Afterward, I went to Cabella's in East Hartford.  I had an elk burger for lunch, and bought new shoes, and a cargo tote for my fursuit.  I had been considering getting a 24-gallon Rubbermaid Action Packer for the suit, but I found a 27-gallon Plano Storage Trunk for less money.  It's a little longer and shorter than the Action Packer, but it lets me fit the suit and the head side by side.  I think I would have had to put the head on top of the suit in the Action Packer, and there wouldn't have been enough headroom.  It's airline approved, shippable, lockable, has cord anchors, and unlike the Action Packer, has wheels
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